Thursday, February 26, 2009


I have not written a update in a LONG time!! So here is a little of what has been going on!! We got Makenzie a cell phone just this last weekend! She thinks so is so cool!! We added my neice Rylie to our plan so Makenzie wanted one too. So I told her that as long as she was good, adn helped around the house she could have one. She has been awesome! The other day My sister Krista was over and Makenzie just started to put the dishes out of the dishwasher away! I was amazed! If I would have know that she would have done so much to keep her phone I would have gotten her one a long time ago!! Ashlynn of course is sad that we have not gotten her one. So I told her once she starts school we will get her one if she can be good and help too! She was happy about that! Ashlynn is going to be 4 this next month! I can not believe how fast she has grown up! We colored Sean's hair bright red this weekend and of course we added some to the girls' hair (All except Kobee) They love it and think they are so cool when people say something about it! Kobee went to her well check yesterday and got 4 shots. She was not a happy girl! Sean felt so bad that he went and got her Tylenol so she could feel a little better. She is getting so big and is talking so much! She loves to talk about dogs! She loves Molly, Bear, and Marley!! Everytime we are at home and she hears a dog bark she will yell Molly, Bear, Marley!! It is so funny! I hope everything is going well with everyone else!! Hopefully Spring will be here soon! My poor kids are ready to play outside in the warm!!