Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Santa Baby!

We had my work party and Santa was there! The girls were so excited to see him and I think it made Makenzie believe again! Or at least I hope! Ashlynn was so excited and asked for a remote control Spider, Kobee wanted nothing to do with him and Makenzie could not think of anything to ask for! It was so much fun!


Winter has been so much! Sean is such a good and fun dad! Him and his friend "Uncle Tim" made the girls a big hill in the front yard so the can sled down it! They have loved it. Sean has taken them out a few times and it is so funny to watch them! I do not know what we would do without our kids! They always bring a smile to our faces!! Here they are sledding! Thanks Tim for all your help!

Christmas time!

I love love love Christmas!! This year has been fun and I am so glad the girls are so excited for Santa to come! We have family traditions. Each year we go to Festival of trees, Christmas Village and have a bake night. I can not wait for Christmas day to give everyone their gifts!! Here are a few pictures of Christmas Village!!

Viva Las Vegas!!

On our way back home from San Diego we stopped in Vegas! The girls LOVED it! Sean and I did too! Although we did too much walking!! We were able to stay in the castle (Excaliber) and the girls thought that was way too cool! We only stayed on night but we stayed later in the day too just to go look at other stuff! Here are our pics!

More pictures!

Here are a few more pictures of our San Diego trip!

First Family Vacation!

We went on our first family vacation this November. It was so great! I could have done without the drive but it was so worth it! We drove to San Diego with the girls... Seemed like the longest drive ever! We stopped in Mesquite on the way down for one night and thank goodness. We hit a big snow storm coming out of Utah. It was horrible. It took us like 4 extra hours because of it! Horrible!! We then left Mesquite early in the morning to hit the road again! Then we hit traffic of all the people going back to California from Vegas! Once we got to San Diego it was a big relief! Our hotel was super nice and worth the extra money we had to pay! It had a great view of the bay and we could hear the sea lions at night outside our window! Coolest thing ever! We also went to Sea World and the was such a good experience. I loved watching the girls' faces as we looked at each different thing! Here are a few pictures of us in San Diego!

OMG!! I am posting!!

I have not posted in FOREVER!! A lot of things have happened! First I will start with Halloween! It was so fun and the girls loved it! Makenzie was a witch with Rylie, Ashlynn was a bat, Kobee was a monkey and Drayke was a boxer.... SO Cute!! All of them! They had so much fun. We went to Albertson's by my house... (Would not recomend going there!) then we went to a carnival.. It was fun but there were so many people there! Then we went trick or treating! This was Sean's first year being home with the girls. It was so special and we all had a blast! We went around our neighborhood and then the girls handed out treats once we got home! I think Ashlynn enjoyed that the most!! I wish I could put the pictures on here but it says they are too big!! :(