Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Sean and I have been promising the girls that we would take them swimming so today we decided today was the day! We were going to go boating with my sister in law Shaunna and her husband Brent but they had already gone all weekend and needed a break from it! So we went from one place to another but every where seemed packed full of people. Then Sean remember the Clearfield pool! So we went and there was hardly anyone there! It was so nice and cool the best part of it all is we did not have to worry about the kids getting a sunburn since we stayed inside pretty much the whole time! I love weekends like these where we just go and do whatever and keep busy! Too bad it is over.... Now I can not wait for the 24th weekend!

This is how Kobee Dresses! Don't hate her because she can look so cute in such a funky outfit!!

The girls after eating some snow cones!

Swimming!! Splashing!

Makenzie making a BIG Splash!



Kobee-She did so well!!

Drive in Movies!!

As many of you know... We love love love the drive in. This weekend we decided to go see Toy Story 3! We had a blast although we did not make it to see the second movie! I love having traditions like this, I always remember going to the drive in when I was younger and I hope my girls remember it forever too!

Me and my girls!

Jumpin on Daddy!

MMMMM... Ice Cream!

Waiting for the movie!

Popcorn... Extra butter and lots of salt!

4th of July!

We started our weekend off with the Clearfield parade! It was so fun and the kids loved it. We were trying to get so many things in this weekend. Sean is going to be working lots of hours this month with no breaks in between... SO SAD! It is gonna be hard on the girls but at least there are a few more holidays coming up that he will be off for. After the parade we headed up to Logan for the car show. It was PACKED!! The girls were so drained by the end of the day that we decided to not do much more other then go home and relax!
Shane and Broly

Getting ready for the parade to start!

Ash freaking out over the horses!

Broly and his mamma Cherish

In between floats... No candy = boring!!

Kobee and her daddy! I love this picture!



Rylie's birthday!

Every year it is so hard to think about March!! Ashlynn and Rylie have the same birthdays! It is nice though because my sister always waits to have Rylie's party until it is warmer outside and Sean likes to make sure we have Ashlynn's close to her birthday! So this year my sister waited and decided to have a carnival... well the weather deciced to be not so good that day so it had to moved inside. But it was still sooooo fun and all the kids had a blast! I was making the cotton candy, yea it was fun! I was covered in it! I love helping and making sure the kids all have a blast!

Kob and Ash smothering Broly!

The Games!

Ashley and Cherish in charge of the balloon pop!

Rylie Opening her gifts

Me covered in Cotton candy... You really can not see it all in this picture!

Updating... Finally...

So I figured since I have finally found the charger to my camera I can update my blog!! Starting with Ashlynn's birthday! The day was great and she had a great time celebrating her 5th birthday with loved ones and the ones who mean the most to us! She loved the whole day and got spoiled! Thanks to everyone that came!

Getting the candy!!

Opening Presents!

Blowing out the candles!

Ashlynn and her BFF Aspen

Cute lil Miley with her daddy!