Monday, December 20, 2010


5 more days til Christmas! I can not wait. I love having family traditions. This past weekend we spent the day at my mom's with my sister and her kiddos. We had a fun craft night, then we had a day full of baking. The girls did so good and had so much fun. We still have a few more traditions that will need to be fit in sometime between now and Christmas day... Like Christmas Village in Ogden. That is a must! Plus a few more Christmas parties! I love getting together with family and remembering all the Holiday's that have past. Wohoo I can not wait for Christmas!

So, on Friday after the girls got out of school I took them to get some pictures of them! I got a ton of cute ones and was pretty proud of myself! I dropped Makenzie off at her friends house and went home to get Sean so we could go to Wal Mart to make some cards. Well I started to play around on the camera to delete some of the bad ones....I deleted them all! So Sunday we went back out! The girls were not happy but I just had to get some! I really needed to update all my pictures! I am pretty happy with how some of them turned out for being there for 10 minutes! The girls were pretty good at letting me take them since they were freezing! So here are a few!!

These were just done with my cheap no flash camera! I am too cheap to buy a new one!