Monday, December 20, 2010


5 more days til Christmas! I can not wait. I love having family traditions. This past weekend we spent the day at my mom's with my sister and her kiddos. We had a fun craft night, then we had a day full of baking. The girls did so good and had so much fun. We still have a few more traditions that will need to be fit in sometime between now and Christmas day... Like Christmas Village in Ogden. That is a must! Plus a few more Christmas parties! I love getting together with family and remembering all the Holiday's that have past. Wohoo I can not wait for Christmas!

So, on Friday after the girls got out of school I took them to get some pictures of them! I got a ton of cute ones and was pretty proud of myself! I dropped Makenzie off at her friends house and went home to get Sean so we could go to Wal Mart to make some cards. Well I started to play around on the camera to delete some of the bad ones....I deleted them all! So Sunday we went back out! The girls were not happy but I just had to get some! I really needed to update all my pictures! I am pretty happy with how some of them turned out for being there for 10 minutes! The girls were pretty good at letting me take them since they were freezing! So here are a few!!

These were just done with my cheap no flash camera! I am too cheap to buy a new one!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Kobee's 3!!

Can you believe it! Kobee is 3... She is growing up so fast and is such a smart little monster! She has her daddy wrapped around her finger. She is such a sweet little girl and loves to play with her sisters, watch football (The Dolphins) and watch Kobe Bryant on T.V. I can not imagine life without her. We had her party the other day and she got spoiled and loved all her gifts. She is still playing with them non-stop and will not let me clean them up. Here are a few pics from her birthday party!

Great Grandpa with all his grandkids

Rylie and Makenzie

Kobee and Drayke

Kobee being funny and saying we were singing to her too loud!

Ash and her big ice cream sundae!

Just made me laugh!!

The other day we had a winter storm and Sean got this "Great" idea that he would pull the kids around in the sled on his dirt bike.... The girls loved it but Ashlynn only did until she feel off. Since then she is kinda scared to get back on! I did not get any pictures of makenzie riding but here is Ashlynn! Makes me smile! She was laughing and giggling it was so cute! .

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I love Halloween, almost as much as I love Christmas. Yes my tree is already up! We have gifts under the tree and it is not even Thanksgiving yet! The girls love getting to dress up for Halloween and had so much fun with it this year. Yes I was able to make their costumes! Yes I was pretty proud of myself!! Kobee could not make up her mind so she was not in costume! But all 3 girls decided it would be fun to be vampires. And oh my they were scary! It was lots of fun and the girls had so much fun even though it was super cold. Here are a few of the pictures I took.... There are not many

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Camping... And end of summer :(

Wow time just goes by too fast. I look back and this time last year we were all so excited for our vacation. In 22 days my little Kobee will be 3, it will be Thanksgiving then onto Christmas. I can not believe that she is already going to be 3. I look back to a few of my first post that were of her just starting to walk. Now we are on to potty training. That has been a HUGE process! She is so stubborn and is refusing to go. I can not wait to be out of the baby stage and done with diapers. And yes SHE WILL BE THE LAST BABY!! No more kiddos for us! Anyway for those of you that know me really good you know that I am NOT a camper! Well we finally went camping and I am glad to say that it was not that bad! It was fun! The kids had a blast. The only thing I wish is that I would have given myself a day to recover before coming to work! My mom and step dad have proprety in Lava Hot Springs. You can pretty much do what you want so it made it a lot better then just the regular camping trips. We really had free range and did not have to worry about all the other campers. It was amazing and yes I am sure we will be going again.. Soon! Here are a few pictures of our camping trip!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tradition EVERY Year!!

My mom, My sister and I are trying to make traditions each year! We have them for the Holidays but we want them all year. So for the last two years now we have gotten on front runner and went to the gateway. The kids love it and think they are so cool riding the train. We usually just go eat and play in the water but is so fun and something I want to do each year! FOREVER!

Makenzie's Birthday

Makenzie's birthday was in July so I am posting this way late! Makenzie turned 7! Can't believe it! She is now in the second grade and has such a good teacher. Her speech is improving and getting so much better. She is getting good at reading and kicks butt at math. I love her so much and am so thankful for her everyday! She is a great big sister and her sisters love her so much! Her are a few pics of her party! It was so much fun!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Playing in the rain!

I love when it rains! This summer it rained while Krista and her kids were over so we played in the rain. Sean did not think it was the best idea but it was so fun and the kids had a blast! They still talk about it and it was months ago! Oh we also had my nephew Aiden over. We do not get to see him much but when we do we all have a good time!

Ready set Jump!

My favorite of Drayke

Rylie and Drayke

Aiden and Ashlynn

Fall update!

Can you belive it is almost Halloween? This year I am going to try and make the girls their costumes! Try is the key word there! I have been horrible at posting so here are the latest pics... and a few posts will follow!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Summer... Loving it!

It is so sad to think that summer is almost over already, but I do love fall. I cna not wait to be watchin the kids play in the leaves! I have not posted anything about Makenzie's birthday! It was so much fun and she had a blast! My family was the only ones that showed up but I think it was much better that way! She loves her cousins! I will post those pictures later... Hopefully tomorrow! My mom was playing with them in the pool so we were all soaked! But for now, please enjoy some of the other things we have done so far this summer!

Weber fair with Grandma and Grandpa! It was a blast!

Drayke driving the girls around! He loves his truck!

Some of mine, my sisters and my moms newest hobbies! Cakes and crafts!!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Sean and I have been promising the girls that we would take them swimming so today we decided today was the day! We were going to go boating with my sister in law Shaunna and her husband Brent but they had already gone all weekend and needed a break from it! So we went from one place to another but every where seemed packed full of people. Then Sean remember the Clearfield pool! So we went and there was hardly anyone there! It was so nice and cool the best part of it all is we did not have to worry about the kids getting a sunburn since we stayed inside pretty much the whole time! I love weekends like these where we just go and do whatever and keep busy! Too bad it is over.... Now I can not wait for the 24th weekend!

This is how Kobee Dresses! Don't hate her because she can look so cute in such a funky outfit!!

The girls after eating some snow cones!

Swimming!! Splashing!

Makenzie making a BIG Splash!



Kobee-She did so well!!

Drive in Movies!!

As many of you know... We love love love the drive in. This weekend we decided to go see Toy Story 3! We had a blast although we did not make it to see the second movie! I love having traditions like this, I always remember going to the drive in when I was younger and I hope my girls remember it forever too!

Me and my girls!

Jumpin on Daddy!

MMMMM... Ice Cream!

Waiting for the movie!

Popcorn... Extra butter and lots of salt!