Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Camping... And end of summer :(

Wow time just goes by too fast. I look back and this time last year we were all so excited for our vacation. In 22 days my little Kobee will be 3, it will be Thanksgiving then onto Christmas. I can not believe that she is already going to be 3. I look back to a few of my first post that were of her just starting to walk. Now we are on to potty training. That has been a HUGE process! She is so stubborn and is refusing to go. I can not wait to be out of the baby stage and done with diapers. And yes SHE WILL BE THE LAST BABY!! No more kiddos for us! Anyway for those of you that know me really good you know that I am NOT a camper! Well we finally went camping and I am glad to say that it was not that bad! It was fun! The kids had a blast. The only thing I wish is that I would have given myself a day to recover before coming to work! My mom and step dad have proprety in Lava Hot Springs. You can pretty much do what you want so it made it a lot better then just the regular camping trips. We really had free range and did not have to worry about all the other campers. It was amazing and yes I am sure we will be going again.. Soon! Here are a few pictures of our camping trip!

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