Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Planning for a Vacation!

We are finally taking another family vacation! We will not be going until April when the weather is a little better and hopefully will not have to worry about being stuck in snow storms like last time so we have some time to plan... Or so I thought! Planning a vacation is hard work and stresses me out! I want it to be nice and stay in a nice hotel. I am not sure why I focus so much on a nice hotel when we will only be in there to sleep. But I do not want to get any nasty bugs or anything! We are taking Sean's little brother with us and I am so excited to be able to take him with us! I hope he has a good time. So we are going to Vegas and LA. I need to find good Hotels for both, we have not been to LA but we plan to stay at the MGM grand in Vegas. Any suggestions?

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