Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My little Ashlynn!

I can not believe how fast time goes by. Ashlynn turned 6 yesterday! She is getting so big! She woke up super early and came in to my room and asked if it was her birthday! I told her it was and snuggled with her for a little while. I figured I have to get snuggle time in now before she is too old and will not even want to hang out with me anymore! Then we got ready and her and her sisters had to go to Shaunna's. She was excited to go to school though! I got off work early to hang out with her the whole afternoon! She told her Auntie that she thought she was 15 so she was kinda disappointed to find out she was 6! She was thinking that by having the one finger on one hand and having five of the other meant 15 I guess!
Once Sean got home we gave her the presents we got her. She was so happy to get her camcorder! I caught her making videos of herself all night! Once I figure out how to download them I will post a few! I think she may be making a video diary of herself! She makes me laugh! Here are a few things about Ashlynn;

She is so smart! Her favorite book is her Auntie's High School biology book
(Could really read this for hours!)
She is a GOOD sister!
She does not let anyone stand in her way
She will tell you her honest opinion about anything
She can be bossy when she needs to be
She has lots of friends and does not judge people
She loves animals and wants to grow up and save them!
She hates eating meat
Her favorite food is eggs and popsicles
She loves clothes and shoes and likes to look "cute" everyday!

I am so thankful for her being in my life everyday! I would not change a single thing! She has taught me so much and she is just so loving it makes me see the world through a whole new light when she tells me her amazing stories.

Yesterday was also my neices birthday. Rylie is getting so big too! I am so blessed to be so close to my sister and get to see my neice and nephew at least once a week. Ryland is now 9 it is weird saying that my sister has a 9 year old! She is such a smart little girl.

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Nick and Nikol said...

I really like this post! It's fun to read all the things about her. :)