Tuesday, December 22, 2009

OMG!! I am posting!!

I have not posted in FOREVER!! A lot of things have happened! First I will start with Halloween! It was so fun and the girls loved it! Makenzie was a witch with Rylie, Ashlynn was a bat, Kobee was a monkey and Drayke was a boxer.... SO Cute!! All of them! They had so much fun. We went to Albertson's by my house... (Would not recomend going there!) then we went to a carnival.. It was fun but there were so many people there! Then we went trick or treating! This was Sean's first year being home with the girls. It was so special and we all had a blast! We went around our neighborhood and then the girls handed out treats once we got home! I think Ashlynn enjoyed that the most!! I wish I could put the pictures on here but it says they are too big!! :(

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