Tuesday, December 22, 2009

First Family Vacation!

We went on our first family vacation this November. It was so great! I could have done without the drive but it was so worth it! We drove to San Diego with the girls... Seemed like the longest drive ever! We stopped in Mesquite on the way down for one night and thank goodness. We hit a big snow storm coming out of Utah. It was horrible. It took us like 4 extra hours because of it! Horrible!! We then left Mesquite early in the morning to hit the road again! Then we hit traffic of all the people going back to California from Vegas! Once we got to San Diego it was a big relief! Our hotel was super nice and worth the extra money we had to pay! It had a great view of the bay and we could hear the sea lions at night outside our window! Coolest thing ever! We also went to Sea World and the was such a good experience. I loved watching the girls' faces as we looked at each different thing! Here are a few pictures of us in San Diego!

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