Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Sean and I have been promising the girls that we would take them swimming so today we decided today was the day! We were going to go boating with my sister in law Shaunna and her husband Brent but they had already gone all weekend and needed a break from it! So we went from one place to another but every where seemed packed full of people. Then Sean remember the Clearfield pool! So we went and there was hardly anyone there! It was so nice and cool the best part of it all is we did not have to worry about the kids getting a sunburn since we stayed inside pretty much the whole time! I love weekends like these where we just go and do whatever and keep busy! Too bad it is over.... Now I can not wait for the 24th weekend!

This is how Kobee Dresses! Don't hate her because she can look so cute in such a funky outfit!!

The girls after eating some snow cones!

Swimming!! Splashing!

Makenzie making a BIG Splash!



Kobee-She did so well!!

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