Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Rylie's birthday!

Every year it is so hard to think about March!! Ashlynn and Rylie have the same birthdays! It is nice though because my sister always waits to have Rylie's party until it is warmer outside and Sean likes to make sure we have Ashlynn's close to her birthday! So this year my sister waited and decided to have a carnival... well the weather deciced to be not so good that day so it had to moved inside. But it was still sooooo fun and all the kids had a blast! I was making the cotton candy, yea it was fun! I was covered in it! I love helping and making sure the kids all have a blast!

Kob and Ash smothering Broly!

The Games!

Ashley and Cherish in charge of the balloon pop!

Rylie Opening her gifts

Me covered in Cotton candy... You really can not see it all in this picture!

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